Kindergarten Programme (Seedlings to Blossoms)

The Early Years Programme 
Children are natural inquirers from birth; they have the capacity to learn about, interact with and interpret the world around them. From birth, children possess all kinds of mental abilities uniquely suited to these early phases of learning and development. They are curious and capable learners with a sense of agency, rich in potential, bringing valid skills, preferences and understandings to the educational process.
There is a sustained, complex and dynamic interplay between learning and development that requires a well-considered early years educational experience for young children and their families. By actively facilitating a student’s meaning-making, the physical and social environment engages students in rich and developmentally responsive ways.

Central features of EYP
The processes of learning and teaching are crafted to support students’ individual and emergent pathways of development. Teachers support learning by:
• planning uninterrupted time for play
• building strong relationships with students and their families
• creating and maintaining responsive spaces for play
• offering many opportunities for symbolic exploration and expression.
Each of these elements are mutually supportive and are interwoven with the others in both theory and practice.


The structure of our pre-primary section is as follows:





Lower KG


Upper KG