Kindergarten Programme (Seedlings to Blossoms)

 "The play of children is not recreation; itmeans earnest workPlay is the purest intellectual production of the human being, in this stage … for the whole man is visible in them, in his finest capacities, in his innermost being." ~Friedrich Froebel.

Bodhi International School follows kindergarten system of education in the pre-primary section. Young children are generally motivated to learn about everything. Our kindergarten teachers play an integral role in early childhood development by fostering basic intellectual and social foundations. To build these foundations, our teachers are trained to implement several teaching methods that challenge students to express themselves while learning.

For effective delivery of kindergarten teaching methodology, BIS has self-designed theme based curriculum. Our all classrooms are fun environment with bright, vibrant colours and other mentally stimulating components. Toddlers are taught through a variety of activities, such as read aloud and demonstration. Our kindergarten teachers use whole group instruction when introducing new concepts, such as letter sounds, a new math concept etc. Class discussions and question and answer sessions usually fall under whole group instruction, as well.

The structure of our pre-primary section is as follows:




Lower KG


Upper KG