Principal's Message

                                            Mr Kishor Joshi

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you the various attributes that make Bodhi International School a special place for education. It is a school that seamlessly blends the architectural marvel that school buildings are with the philosophy, mission and vision that is primed for the future. The school its environs and the resources at the school are all aligned and focused on enhancement of learning experience of the student.

We at Bodhi blend tradition of the teaching and learning with the advances in pedagogy. There is a transition from one to the other without any upheavals. The school campus has ample space and facilities for all types of student activities and learning. We are rightfully proud of the varied provisions we have at school to take into account student needs from academics, to sports to various creative fields. There also are a host of opportunities provided for students to develop soft skills, people skills and leadership skills.

At BIS we start with seedlings, which blossom to reach the Primary Years Program, and take active control of the student agency to start out on the path of self-realisation. It is journey of enquiry; it is a journey of converting principles into practice and enhancing self-understanding and knowledge along the way. We are committed to transforming our students into lifelong learners, who inculcate the attributes of being thinkers, who are self-motivated. We imbibe in our students the quality of being good listeners, who synthesise knowledge and communicate the same in a balanced manner.

As our students make the transition from seedlings which have blossomed to young adults, we strive to help them be open-minded embrace and make their own the ever-changing world. Giving back to society and uplifting humankind is not just philosophy for our students but a practice. They get to know the real world through various opportunities and windows from adventure camps to interactions with eminent guest speakers through events like TedX and MUNs.

Every Bodhi educator tends to the seedlings and helps them grow into a tree with deep roots who tend to others and provide for the betterment of all they come in contact with. The role of a teacher is more of a gardener, who nurtures a plant to grow and prosper in its own right, and not stunt it by mandating it with restrictions.

The typical Bodhi student has a philosophy of learning through experience, and most importantly, being able to take responsibility for actions of self. The students have a great leaning towards self-realisation and self-attainment. They are ever guided by the faculty, but at the heart our students are not shy of taking risks and evolving into better persons due to it.

The aspect of internationalism at BIS goes way beyond just learning a foreign language, or doing exams set by a Non-Indian Exam Board. Our students are primed to be citizens of the world, and towards this, they research culture and understand the traditions of various countries from around the world. We actively encourage our students to try and research different aspects of the societies within and outside of India.

As the Bodhian goes out into the world carrying the legacy of BIS, he/she would have a well-rounded personality and someone who has been seeped in holistic learning. Excellence is benchmark which we at BIS actively chase, it is a continuous journey for us. A journey which does not fatigue us, but energises us.

Each of our students graduating from BIS, has developed and walked the path of realisation of the self towards enhancing, moral, social and emotional needs. A typical product from BIS would have the confidence of being accepted in any part of the world as a first amongst equals. He/she would respect the culture, values and ways of life of all peoples and be empathetic in all situations.

We deeply value partnerships with parents and families. Through continuous communication, we keep families informed about what each student is learning at BIS and explore ways that learning can be continued at home. We hold several events which invite parents into BIS to build on our family and community ties.

BIS uses a trans-disciplinary approach towards learning. Our educators understand that learning is holistic and collaborate with each other to design a curriculum and lessons which build on learning in a variety of subjects. This trans-disciplinary approach is valuable not just in an academic environment but for students when they go out into the world. They can use their holistic learning skills to think critically, problem solve and navigate the world with ease and maturity.

Brahmam Bodhi