A new age school philosphy that runs under the ageis of Gurudev Kamal Vijay Memorial Society.The school is a contemporary design architectural marvel with adequacy of open spaces with natural light and air for children to feel "free and liberated". Apart from being located in Shikargarh, the heart of the regulated and monitored defence hub of Jodhpur, the school is being equipped with an infallible system of 24/7 security of the campus through surveillance cameras & CCTV monitoring as well as trained security personnel. The campus is beautifully landscaped and equipped with world class sports facilities to provide our children the best environment for scholastic and non-scholastic development. The school is co-ed and will be day-school for pre-primary grades, and day-boarding for primary, middle, and secondary grades. The school empower all students with the knowledge, skills, compassion and integrity.

Dr. Venunadhan B. Pillai

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