Pastoral Care

Our approach to student care and development stems from the fundamental belief that positive and respectful relationships underpin students’ achievement of their potential. Knowing and being responsive to the children in our care, setting high expectations, and nurturing an international perspective are factors that help our students find their place in the world. We have a team of certified pactioners to help us cater to the Social and Emotional Well Being of the students.

Mission Statement:

“To create happy and reassured BODHIANS who will be assertive yet adaptable. The vision is to provide the right inputs to help children grow into valuable individuals and realize their optimum potential by making informed choices in every walk of life.”

The Pastoral Care at BODHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL aims to promote psycho-social, educational and career development of students. The counselling department facilitates students to become self-reliant and imbibe a solution centric attitude.

Learners, teachers and parents are free to get in touch with the counsellor about any academic and behavioural concerns or pressing needs

The work of the counselling department also expands to the following domains:

  • Parent Child Interaction Training
  • Teachers Professional Enrichment
  • Personal, Social and Developmental aspects of Learners and related Life Skills sessions and workshops
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

The counselling team works in collaboration with the Career Enrichment Team and Inclusion Team to create a cohesive plan for the student.

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