Performing Arts

Performing Arts provide children with opportunities to experience new ways of thinking. Learning music, dance and drama has wide-reaching benefits for children, providing them with the tools to think creatively, innovate and appreciate diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Here at Bodhi, performing arts is an integral part of the liberal curriculum that encourages children to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and helps them develop their own, unique voice. Each discipline of music, dance and drama engages a child's brain, body and emotions in different ways to encourage their confidence and find joy in self-expression.



"Dance is communication, and so the great challenge is to speak clearly, beautifully and with inevitability." - Martha Graham

Dance is the one performing art form in which you are free to do anything but abide by rules as well so we set our curriculum in such a way that learners get a chance to express themselves with aesthetics, perform whether it is on stage or real life and go through the process of holistic development to make a better world around them.

The student is introduced to dance and its various forms, vocals and music, and drama and debating. As they grow older, they may choose any discipline or instrument as per their interest and ability.

The school is proud of its warm and aesthetically designed spaces featuring two music rooms, a wide collection of musical instruments and a fabulous dance room. There are teachers in-charge of each type of activity which is a significant aspect of Bodhian life.

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