Bonjour tout le monde!


The BIS Francophonie team is excited to bring the French club at BIS, where students can enhance their language skills through fun and engaging activities. The goal is to improve the speaking, reading, listening, writing, and cultural awareness of the students in the French language.


It has been observed that students often struggle with learning a new language in traditional classroom settings. Therefore, the French club is designed to provide a dynamic learning environment where students can practice French in a relaxed and fun way. Several oriented class projects and fun activities are planned to help the students to improve their French skills.


These activities include French film screenings, trivia games, cooking lessons, cultural celebrations, and much more. These activities are facilitated by professional French team members who are native speakers, and who have a passion for the French language.


Through these activities, students mostly have the opportunity to improve their reading and speaking abilities. They also learn more about the French culture, traditions, values, and appreciate the diversity and richness of the French-speaking world.


The French club is a great opportunity for the BIS students to enhance their French language proficiency, while having fun and making new friends.

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