Visual Arts

Visual art has a unique connection to consciousness, subtle, yet powerful in its reach. Implemented in school education, these arts help students in bringing out creativity as well as developing an overall personality. Widely appreciated through painting, visual arts help them in fundamental thinking while improving their psychological aptitudes. Children, at Bodhi, find this connection early on, through the exposure to immersive art activities in their younger years. Color, images and craft are vital to this section of the school, where experiential learning is the mandated method.

In later years, children choose to major in Media Studies or Art and Design, making them their key qualifications. Students may opt for photography, painting, sculpture, textile printing and sketching, and many others. The fascination with the visual medium is also carried through in Media Studies, where students learn about filmography, and create their own film, with the relevant marketing campaigns.

Bodhi has the opportunity to offer such a variety of subjects, as it provides qualifications from a range of educational boards, making schooling a truly world-class experience for our students.


To imagine is to think otherwise

The Department of Art and Design aims to promote the visual arts by fostering critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, productive communication, cultural awareness, professional development and community engagement. The department believes knowledge of studio art, art education, art history, aesthetics and related technologies is essential to success in the art world and sound components of a well-rounded individual.

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