It is imperative to keep the thrill alive in the students and keep them engaged in productive learning.

Bodhi English Club is a place for language learners to practice different skills in a casual setting that brushes up their artistic flair. It is a great way to help learners gain confidence and feel more comfortable using English around people they trust and have fun with. The English Club is open to anyone with unique interests and talents in all things literature.

The language club session is held once a week after the regular lectures. The sessions are conducted for students based on all four skills i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and vocabulary development. Various activities are conducted to encourage students to use language in a relaxed atmosphere and away from the class pressure. In addition, it enhances ties of cooperation between students and teaching members.


  • To give the opportunity to students to practice creative written English on their own
  • To give opportunities for students to practice listening skills and practice English speaking interactively within the students’ community
  • To increase fluency, neutralise accents and build confidence to think and speak English
  • To allow the opportunity for students to express opinions and debate issues and, thereby, encourage critical thinking
  • To learn English in a fun way in a natural and authentic English speaking classroom community
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