Admission Process and Requirement

Bodhi International School welcomes students of all nationalities, religion, gender, beliefs and races, provided they meet academic and behavioral criteria set by the school. Bodhi accepts applications from eligible students for Kindergarten, and Primary through Secondary levels.

At Bodhi, students are admitted at the beginning of the academic year in March for which registration starts in the month of December, although in special circumstances, such as transfer, students are admitted during the academic year as well. At senior grades, there are limitations regarding admission at specific instances in the academic calendar, as it relates to students’ previous learning and subjects covered, with relevance to the program sought.

Parents must fill in a completed enquiry form, along with additional documents of proof of age and residence at the school admission office. The other documents that are mandatory for students at the time of admission, other than Seedlings, are TC of the previous school, Adhar card or Passport for NRI students. The student, if applying to Early Years or Lower Primary, is granted admission through an interaction with the Coordinator and Principal and the rest of the students, on the basis of their performance in an admission test and availability of seats.

However Students completing Middle School at Bodhi are enrolled into Senior School, in line with the school’s promotion policy. Orientations are also conducted for families of students in the ongoing academic year. Career oriented psychometric assessments are conducted for students and individual sessions are arranged with the college counsellor, on the basis of students’ aptitude and interests, as also course and college preferences.

New students attempt skill-based tests in English, Math and Science, besides the psychometric assessment. Academic records over the previous two years are reviewed by the Principal, in an interview conducted with the student family, after which a meeting is arranged with the coordinator and college counsellor.

The aim is for the family to understand aspects of their program, make subject choices based on their aptitude and interests, and also undertake an initial review of their college and course preferences. Students are allowed to transfer from other schools during the session, provided the school offers their choice of subjects. The procedure for seeking mid-term admission into secondary school is the same as for new students.

Age Group

The final decision regarding the age group of prospective students would depend on their previous school records and admission process during application. At Bodhi, we believe that students thrive in their correct class age groups. The general rule for age and grade requirement is mentioned herein.

Grade Age Group
Seedlings 2.5 yrs
Buds 3.5 yrs
Blossoms Grade 1 4.5 yrs
Grade 1 5.5 yrs
Grade 2 6.5 yrs
Grade 3 7.5 yrs
Grade 4 8.5 yrs
Grade 5 9.5 yrs
Grade 6 10.5 yrs
Grade 7 11.5 yrs
Grade 8 12.5 yrs
Grade 9 13.5 yrs
Grade 10 14.5 yrs
Grade 11 15.5 yrs
Grade 12 16.5 yrs
Document Checklist
  • Original Birth certificate
  • Passport sized photographs, 2 each of student and parents
  • School report over previous 2 years
  • Original transfer / migration / school leaving certificate from previous school
  • Passport photocopy for student and parents
  • POI/OCI card in case the child is a foreign citizen
  • Medical history: form available online too
  • Parental consent and indemnity agreement: form available online too
  • Any pertinent information regarding participation in co-curricular education
Admission Steps
Enquiry Form
Interaction with
Admission Officer
Forms: Checklist,
ID card, Credit
Diagnostic test:
Grade 2 onwards
Final Interaction
with Head of
Interaction with
Coordinator and
Career Counsellor:
Grades 9-12
Payment of Fees
Confirmation of
Inquire Now
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