General Admission Policy

This policy was adopted by the governing body of Bodhi International School, hereafter referred to as 'the school', in line with applicable laws. The school's governing body reserves the right to amend this policy, to the extent it may at any stage conflict with applicable laws.

This policy shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner that protects and promotes the best interests of all students concerned.

For purpose of this policy, 'parent means the biological parent, legal guardian, adoptive parent, and any other person legally responsible for the student's education, including those who have legal authority to apply for admission to the school.

For purpose of this policy, 'the school' refers to employees of the school at all levels, irrespective of hierarchy and seniority.

All admission applications and related queries should be directed to the Admission Officer's Office.

Commitment to Fair Practices

The school aims to provide an environment where the race, language, culture, religion and socio-economic circumstances of each student do not act as barriers to progress, including access to any resources in all aspects of school life.

The school is committed to ensure during its admission process that no form of discrimination is practiced against any applicant. Any student admitted to the school will have full access to all official school programs.

For purposes of this policy, the official school program shall include all academic, sporting, cultural, service and social activities offered by the school.

Language of Learning and Teaching

In its language policy, the school’s governing body has determined that the language of learning and teaching will be English, where all learning and teaching at the school will generally take place in the English language, with exception of Hindi and foreign languages.

Learning and teaching in a specific language may take place in a regional language and English, only if necessary, to ensure the curriculum is covered adequately. Each applicant must indicate on the prescribed admission application form their native language, to assist the school in understanding language preferences of all students admitted to the school.

Grade Age Group
Pre Seedlings 2 yrs+
Seedlings 3 yrs+
Buds 4 yrs+
Blossoms 6 yrs+
Grade-I 7 yrs+
Grade-II 8 yrs+
Grade-III 9 yrs+
Grade-IV 10 yrs+
Grade-V 11 yrs+
Grade-VI 12 yrs+
Grade-VII 13 yrs+
Grade-VIII 14 yrs+
Grade-IX 15 yrs+
Criteria for Admission

A prospective Bodhi student, having paid the applicable initial fee, is required to attempt a General Aptitude Assessment (GAA1) in English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi till grade 8. Candidates achieving a minimum score of 60% on GAA1 will be admitted to the next process. In some special cases, they would be allowed second assessment, GAA2 at a mutually agreed later date, as further assessment opportunity, amounting to two attempts in all.

Young children upto grade 2 will not be formally assessed and will be required to meet the Principal.
If a student’s education before admission precludes him from achieving threshold levels at GAA1, he may be assessed verbally upto grade 9, to ascertain his ability, aptitude and attitude.

After GAA, admission will be based on assessment of the following:

  • Whether a complete set of documentation and information requested in terms of clause 5 has been submitted
  • Whether the student has met promotion requirements for the previous grade
  • Whether there are seats at the school
  • Whether the school is able to meet educational needs of the student, including but not limited to any formal special education needs
  • Students who are older by two years or more, with reference to the grade-wise statistical age norm provided below, will not be admitted to the school, unless exceptional circumstances require otherwise.
  • Willingness of the student to participate in and add value to all areas of school life, including academic, sporting and cultural programs of the school
  • Whether the student shows a willingness to work hard to achieve excellence in his academic outcomes.
  • Whether admission to the school would be in best interests of the student, given the student’s academic aptitude is grade appropriate
  • Whether the student will be able to balance academic demands of the school with its sporting, cultural and service activities
  • Whether the student will benefit from English language instruction at the school given their lack of proficiency in the language, as inability to communicate effectively in English may place unreasonable limitation on the student’s academic progress and may disadvantage them owing to age factors.
  • A student meeting all other criteria set out in this policy may only be excluded from admission to the school based on their inability to communicate effectively in English.
Documents and Information Required for Student Admission

Application for admission to the school must be made in writing and submitted by hand. The following documents must be submitted by the closing date:

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